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Thank you for your interest in Ireland’s premier clinical science and laboratory medicine conference. The Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (the Academy) is excited to host BioMedica 2022, our biennial conference is in the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), and we want you to join us!

2022 is promising to be one of our most exciting conferences to date. Hosted at the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD), the Academy is pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for vendors to network with delegates.

BioMedica: Where the Profession Meets

BioMedica is the largest and most complete scientific meeting for all those responsible for the needs and direction of clinical laboratories in Ireland.

This is where the policies, procedures and the associated technologies necessary to ensure the highest quality of service within pathology laboratories are discussed, debated and solutions sourced.

The conference schedule have been designed to allow multiple opportunities for delegates to visit exhibits to learn about the existing products and service that you have to offer.

That trade show is your opportunity to meet your customers face-to-face, get to know their needs and concerns and build your connections.

BioMedica is where you can meet and support the whole Irish clinical laboratory science market in just 2 days.

Who will be speaking?

The Academy prides itself on the quality and depth of the programme it delivers at BioMedica. For 2022 this will not only address the all-important discipline specific issues but will also feature the topics that underlie these disciplines with universal appeal such as quality management and molecular diagnostics.

This is your moment – Get Involved

Visitors know that this is the one event at which the whole of the Irish market comes together, where they can meet colleagues, share ideas, discuss opportunities and through the exhibition see the latest technology, discover new approaches, source products and solutions and secure the equipment that they will need to address their challenges and achieve their goals.

If the Irish market matters to your business, you should be part of the BioMedica exhibition.

New Venue for 2022:

BioMedica will be held at the CCD (Convention Centre Dublin). The Convention Centre Dublin was developed to provide a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland’s capital city.

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